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The K.C.S.S. members, signatories of this document, present the aims and objectives of K.C.S.S. Decided at K.C.S.S. meeting in 15th July 2001, in Krakal village, Bumborate, Chitral district, N..W.F.P.

1. To unite all the Kalasha community to preserve the Kalasha culture according to the Pakistani rights of minorities.2. To publish schoolbooks about the Kalasha tradition and religion for the Kalasha student.3. To manage the tourism in the Kalasha places:
-To guide the tourists in the Kalasha villages and Kalasha religious places.
-To provide right information about the Kalasha culture and religion.
-To preserve the Kalasha villages and the Kalasha festivals as human cultural particularities .
-To develop an eco-tourism, more adopted to a small population as the Kalasha.4. To provide good education to the Kalasha students and try to provide the able students scholarships and also give them technical education.

5. To work for the welfare of Kalasha people and try to get their rights from the government of Pakistan.

6. To identify the social problem of the Kalasha people and try to solve main problems.

7. To preserve the natural resources by the respect of environment and to develop the reforestation.

8. To develop the agricultural, using new technologies and new products.

9. To request quota for Kalasha people in employment schemes.

10. To protect the use of wine in the Kalasha culture and to request the free circulation of this product between the three-Kalasha valleys for Kalasha use only.

11. To request the permission to use guns for:
-To protect the livestock in the pastures against wild predators livings in our mountains.
-To firing during the born and the funerals, that is an essential part of the Kalasha tradition.

12. To rehabilitate and preserve the right use of the Kalasha maternity homes and try to provide better first medical aid.

13. To help the Kalasha orphans and widows.

14. To request a talk about the usefulness and the use of the toll tax



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